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How efficient is your home?

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In just 5 minutes, answer questions about your home’s features and your daily usage for a breakdown of your spending and waste. With a custom report, you can identify new ways to achieve energy savings and make your home more efficient.

What we’ll ask about:

home construction and hvac systems icon

Home construction and HVAC systems
Tell us about your home’s structure, windows, heat sources and more.

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Appliances and electronics
Select the appliance types, lighting and number of electronics in your home.

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Daily water and energy consumption
Report your household’s thermostat settings and daily or weekly water use.

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Household waste
Select how often your family cooks at home or orders takeout to assess trash and waste outputs.

If you’re serious about energy savings, revisit your audit whenever you make changes to your home, like adding new appliances. The more you know, the more you save!



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