The City of Jacksonville Beach, FL, Provides Notice of Data Security Incident

The City of Jacksonville Beach, Florida, has issued a notice regarding a data security incident potentially impacting the personal information of employees and utility customers. The cybersecurity event, identified on January 29, 2024, led to unauthorized access to the City's systems between January 22 and January 29, 2024, and some sensitive personal data may have been compromised. The City is mailing notifications to potentially impacted individuals and has taken steps to secure its systems.

In response to the incident, the City is also providing resources to help those affected, including a dedicated assistance line, a website for updates and instructions on obtaining free credit reports or placing fraud alerts and credit freezes on their files. The City is reviewing and improving its security policies to prevent future incidents and has reported the event to state and federal regulators.

The full Notice of Data Security Incident can be found here.